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GNU Eco Impossible 2016

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The GNU Eco Impossible is an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that has an unique ergonomically-correct design that synchronises well with your body’s every move. This makes riding not only easier but also more fluid than ever. GNU is well-known for producing great environmentally friendly snowboards and this board’s core is therefore made out of a FSC certified core. Wood coming from GNU’s sustainable tree farm. This board rides stable in all conditions, although when we hit harder snow it felt less stable. However its responsiveness allows you to simply correct this. Its floats easy and turning is a lot of fun. Its snappy and pretty quick from edge to edge. Overall the GNU Eco Impossible is a board you can enjoy both all-mountain and in the park.



  • This is a snappy and lightweight deck.
  • Will provide a totally vibration-free ride.
  • Environmentally friendly construction.
  • Not perfect for the pipe but forgiving.
  • Stable in all but firm snow conditions.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleAll-Mountain Freestyle
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Available sizes156 | 160 | 162
Board widthRegular, Mid-Wide
Board shapeAsymmetrical Twin
Camber profileHybrid Rocker
Board stanceCentered
ManufacturerGNU Snowboards by Mervin Manufacturing

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