GNU Headspace 2017

“A board that will let you jib, jump and shred all season!”

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The 2017 GNU Headspace is a popular freestyle snowboard that combines going fast with a playful and fun character. Like last season the gear heads at GNU teamed up with Forest Bailey. One of the best all-around snowboarders today. Also known as ‘the practitioner of the amazing’, his creative style inspired the design of this board. Its asymmetrical twin profile has the same nose and tail shape you will find on the more regular snowboards. However, this one features three separate types of technology to make it one of the easiest riding snowboards ever.

First, the wooden core is softer on your heel-side, making it easier to dig into the snow. Second, the sidecut on the heel sides is deeper than on the toe-side. And third, this board features a more aggressive version of their Magne-Traction. This total set-up results in a snowboard that turns easily, responses quickly and planes effortlessly in all conditions. On snow, it also offers the right balance of torsional flexibility and energy transfer. This gives you a playful and forgiving feel without being a noodle. It rides stable and grips properly on hard icy surfaces. The sintered base is fast and this board will keep you moving through slow spots. Where it really comes to life is when your freestyling and jibbing. It’s loose, lively and enjoys playing in the park and riding switch. The mild camber allows the board to float well on fresh morning powder.

Overall, the 2017 GNU Headspace snowboard kills it on rails and holds its own on the groomers and glades outside the park too. It’s style and capability will appeal to all types of riders. From beginners to the more advanced.



  • Handles like a Lambo, rides like a bull.
  • Fast, playful and stays well balanced.
  • A true jibbing and switching board.
  • Maintains speed on slower spots.
  • Could use more pop for jumps.
  • Not a dedicated powder board.

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ManufacturerGNU Snowboards
Available sizes145 | 149 | 152 | 155
Riding styleFreestyle, Park
Ability levelBeginner - Advanced
Board shapeAsymmetrical Twin
Board camberContinuous Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexSoft
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty1 year