GNU Klassy 2017

GNU Klassy 2017

“A board build for technical freeride and backcountry terrain!”

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When a gold medal-winning freestyler starts designing you will get the 2017 GNU Klassy snowboard. Build to butter and slash with speed and at altitude. This board aims to satisfy the freestyle-oriented freerider that likes to bring her skills up on the mountain. The board wizards at GNU teamed up with Kaitlyn Farrington to develop a snowboard that can make every mountain an unreal playground.

Its design features a Directional shape with a pointed nose and blunted tail. This setup provides the drive and control you need to charge down steeper sections and offers a floaty feel on deep powder. Its Hybrid Rocker profile comes with a tight rocker zone between the bindings and camber underfoot that goes all the way out to the tips. Similar to the GNU Space Case. This not only gives the board a more aggressive feel. But also enables you to lay into carves, spring out of a turn and jump of natural features. Although it’s definitely build for hard-charging, the board’s medium flex has enough playfulness to butter around on mellow days. On snow, you will notice that the rocker section at the waist is shorter than the two camber sections at the ends. The board responses direct and powerful with good edge control.

Because of its pointed nose it’s lots of fun riding this board on powder. It’s quite forgiving, allows you to surf and maintains easy to handle at higher speeds. However less rocker also means you have to put in more effort to keep the nose afloat. You can also put your stance back to give the nose more freedom. Overall, the 2017 GNU Klassy snowboard by Kaitlin Farrington is for those who enjoy bigger challenges and fresh powdered hills. If you’re a freerider that loves freestyle this is the one!



  • Versatile enough for all riding styles.
  • Powerful drive and reliable edge hold.
  • Remains controllable at high speed.
  • Enough playfulness when cruising.
  • Some effort needed to stay afloat.
  • Occasional chatter on rough snow.

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ManufacturerGNU Snowboards
Available sizes142 | 145 | 148 | 151
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Backcountry
Ability levelAdvanced - Expert
Board shapeDirectional
Board camberHybrid Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty1 year