GNU Ladies Smart Pickle 2016

GNU Ladies Smart Pickle 2016

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The GNU Ladies Smart Pickle is a freestyle snowboard that offers an incredible easy and fun ride for women who like to ride the entire mountain and park. This award winning GNU board received a well deserved upgrade. It now GNU’s new Smart Asymmetrical Magne Traction, which results in more control, more rider confidence and a better overall ride.

This board’s on snow feel is pretty solid. Considering its size and shape it handles powder well without sinking-in. Its not the best available, but those of us who like to ride switch and regular in powder will still enjoy it. Turning feels better and it holds its ground when carving, without feeling washy. It offers the same quick and easy edge to edge ride, that’s both playful and fun. The board’s asymmetrical side cut makes it easier to ride switch.

It’s not a true bomber board but it will handle anything in the park and on the mountain with moderate speeds. While this board is not build for rough all-mountain riding it does handle uneven terrain well. The edge hold is pretty good with excellent grip on harder snow conditions. When it comes to jumping it offers a forgiving feel with lots of pop between the feet and a little more spring off the tip and tail. Overall the GNU Ladies Smart Pickle offers an upgraded ride and is a smart choice for beginners to pros.



  • Very forgiving, fun, consistent ride.
  • Rides solid & stable on uneven terrain.
  • Ride versatile terrain and conditions.
  • Fun to carve, grip from edge to edge.
  • Not a lightweight, feels quite heavy.
  • Lower high speed than others boards.

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Riding styleFreestyle
Ability levelBeginner - Expert
Available sizes135 | 140 | 144 | 148 | 152
Flex ratingMedium
Board widthRegular
Board shapeAsymmetrical Twins
Camber profileContinuous Rocker
Board stanceCentered
WarrantyOne year
GraphicsArt by Jolby
ManufacturerGNU Snowboards

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