GNU Space Case 2017

GNU Space Case 2017

“This board offers a fun, freestyle feel in a harmonious way!”

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Build to tackle it al with a freestyle flair, the 2017 GNU Space Case is back at it again. Refined for this season by the famous rider Forest Bailey, this board shows that snowboard design is still going strong. This board’s design features an Asymmetrical Twin shape which makes turning feel effortless, while providing the control and stability needed to take on the technically challenging terrain. Compared normal regular boards this one features four asymmetric differences which together provide greater balance.

This board has a relatively shorter heel-side edge, a deeper heel-side sidecut as well as a softer heel-side flex. This combination enables you to turn easily and with far more precision. Add to this an asymmetric tip and tail shape and you’ll get a radical board that communicates well with your body movements when your turning or carving around. Meanwhile the rocker between the feet provides better float on powder and a jib-friendly feel. The camber zones underfoot add response when you’re carving fast and provide extra snap when you’re trying out your freestyle tricks. On snow, this board feels more stable than last season and it’s also more dynamic underfoot. It’s a fun board to turn and carve as it’s goes easy from edge-to-edge and the tip-and-tail don’t wash out. Compared to previous versions it’s now a really good carver.

GNU boards tend to feel a bit stiff and less damp than other boards when you’re on uneven terrain. But it remains an ok board for spending the day on chopped-up resort snow. It’s not the fastest board available but it has some decent mountain speed. On powder it floats well and you’ll even be able to ride switch. For those of use who prefer a more surfy feel on powder then check out the GNU Zoid. When it comes to jumping, this board has improved with a nice amount of extra pop. Overall, the 2017 GNU Space Case snowboard is a recommendable freestyle deck for anyone looking for a fun and poppy snowboard. With astounding balance and good edge hold.



  • High quality hand build board.
  • This board offers all around fun.
  • Light, playful and snappy ride.
  • May feel less stable on groomers.
  • Minimal chatter at high speeds.

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ManufacturerGNU Snowboards
Available sizes147 | 150 | 153 | 156 | 159
Riding styleFreestyle, Park
Ability levelBeginner - Advanced
Board shapeAsymmetrical Twin
Board camberHybrid Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceCentered
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty1 year