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“This one rips through everything and handles like a speedboat!”

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The mad board wizards at GNU are once again redefining our understanding of what a snowboard should look like. The 2017 GNU Zoid snowboard combines an unique shape with a precisely calculated geometry. A design that took the world of snowboarding by storm last season. So much that the word ‘snowboarding’ almost got changed into ‘zoiding’. Their aim with this board is to make snowboarding feel as natural and effortless as possible. Therefore they’ve made it Directional instead of a Twin.

One of the main advantages of this setup is that when you’re initiating turns, laying out carves and holding edges it feels more natural and easy. It’s definitely worth trying out and comparing it with other snowboards you’ve used to ride. This board’s profile features rocker between the bindings and a mellow camber under the inserts. This combination enables a forgiving ride on hard snow while keeping it afloat on powder. The camber that stretched out to the tips gives extra pop and power. The extra contact points on the edges are there to provide extra grip on icy slopes. On snow, this board feels a bit loose. It’s much more about ‘surfing’ around the mountain instead of riding on groomed slopes.

Its shape allows it to ride really well on powder and you really get that freeride feel. It’s a fun board to turn and carve as it goes quick and easy from edge-to-edge. Its edge hold is pretty good but not on the iciest conditions. Same thing with riding at high speed. You can go fast but it won’t give you that super stable ride that other boards offer. At times it felt loose and a bit chattery. However, when you’re racing on powder this board can really bomb. Overall, the 2017 GNU Zoid snowboard is a good choice for those who like to surf the mountain and occasionally go on groomers as well.



  • Offers a natural and effortless ride.
  • A surfboard that shines on powder.
  • Innovative groundbreaking design.
  • Fun to turn, quick from edge to edge.
  • Chattery when speeding on groomers.
  • Likes groomed slopes less than others.

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ManufacturerGNU Snowboards
Available sizes158
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Backcountry
Ability levelAdvanced - Expert
Board shapeTapered Directional
Board camberHybrid Rocker
Board widthRegular
Board stanceSetback over 20mm
Board flexStiff
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty1 year