Jones Airheart 2017

Jones Airheart 2017

“An innovative snowboard that enjoys high speed carving!”

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Each year the designers at Jones Snowboards launch new technology that changes how their snowboards ride. Some features are spin-offs from other brands but most are original designs. However, they are never gimmicks and do affect how the board rides. For this new season, they’ve added the 2017 Jones Airheart snowboard to their women’s selection. An all-mountain freestyle snowboard that’s built for high-speed carving and jumping. Aimed at ladies that charge hard dominate the mountain.

Its design features a traditional mostly cambered profile that allows for explosive turns and provides an almost lock-in edge hold. Meanwhile, small rocker zones at the contact points will prevent the board from feeling to catchy. In addition, they’ve also fitted a base that’s upturned slightly at the tips. This little tweak adds a bit of forgiveness while making sure the board floats more easily on powder. Special bamboo strings in the core enable extra pop for your park jumps. On snow, it offers the responsive and precision of a full cambered board but is easier to handle than a traditional design.

It’s a fun and lively board with enough stability to ride fast while still feeling playful. We had a great fun carving this board on groomers as well as riding the mountain top. It handles speed and variable terrain better than other boards we tested. For riding this board in powder we recommend to either size up or placing your binding back. The slightly spooned does help the board to plane well on fresh soft snow. Overall, the 2017 Jones Airheart snowboard is consistently performing versatile snowboard that the experienced ladies will like. It’s not a board that can do everything but it’s certainly a good addition to one’s quiver.



  • Great handling and precision.
  • Lightweight and poppy design.
  • Great for all-mountain carving.
  • Handles variable terrain nicely.
  • Not a one-board quiver ride.
  • Offers moderate floatation.

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ManufacturerJones Snowboards
Available sizes146 | 149 | 152
Riding styleAll-Mountain, Freestyle
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Board camberTraditional Camber
Board widthRegular
Board stanceSetback -20mm
Board flexMedium
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty3 years