Jones Mountain Twin 2017

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As an all-terrain freestyle rebel, the 2017 Jones Mountain Twin snowboard excels at ripping through trees, slaying powder and backcountry jumps. Build for the riders who already graduated to the steep and deep, but can’t seem to shake off their park roots. This board features more tail rocker than any other snowboard in the Jones lineup. Combined with a symmetrical tip and design and a centered this board aims to give you the all-important freestyle versatility, power, and stability.

Additional to its Directional Twin shape and hybrid rocker profile, this board also features a slightly longer nose of approximately 3/4 of an inch. This extra length further enhances floatation and improves the board’s straight-line stability. Although it feels most happy taking on natural features at your local mountain. It doesn’t shy away from throwing in some jumps and jibs in the mix. Especially when you’re spending most of your day lapping the park. Compared to last season this board has stayed pretty much the same, apart from some minor tweaks. On snow, this board felt really good. It still communicates really well, rides forgiving and handles a variety of riding styles. It’s got the catch-free feel of rocker and the stability of camber. Turning is not that quick from edge-to-edge but the board transitions nicely.

The edge hold is good in hard conditions, but it’s not an ice specialist. On powder, this board offers some easy float as it planes well over fresh snow. Riding fast has improved compared to earlier years. It doesn’t chatter that much and holds its speed for a longer time. The board offers a decent amount of pop. You can easily approach the jump while getting a forgiving and stable landing. Overall, the 2017 Jones Mountain Twin snowboard belongs to our team’s top recommendations when it comes to a board that can do everything well. It may not stand out in one particular area but proves to be consistent on any terrain.



  • Versatile, powerful and stable ride.
  • Responsive and catch-free design.
  • Reliable edge hold on firmer snow.
  • Good choice for a one board quiver.
  • This is not your every day jibber board.
  • Less quick from edge to edge but fun.

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ManufacturerJones Snowboards
Available sizes154 | 155W | 157 | 158W | 160 | 161W | 162 | 164W
Riding styleAll-Mountain
Ability levelIntermediate - Advanced
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Board camberHybrid Camber
Board widthRegular, Wide
Board stanceSetback -20mm
Board flexStiff
Board weightNormal
Mounting system2 x 4 Insert Pattern
Warranty3 years