Rossignol One Magtek 2017

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The Rossignol One Magtek is an all-mountain snowboard built for the intermediate to expert riders who want a versatile mountain ride that’s freestyle capable. Transworld Snowboarding Magazine recently gave the One Magtek their 2016 Good Wood award for its all-round capabilities. For this new season Rossignol improved the board’s dampness by adding rubber throughout the deck. Its Hybrid Camber profile makes this board easy to manoeuvre and reliable on edge grip, while its medium-stiff flex allows it to float well without sacrificing on park performance. This board rides exceptionally, allowing you to glide over flats sections and deeper snow easily. The Rossignol One Magtek snowboard offers you a stable platform for all-mountain charging and park laps. Versatility at this best for those who are strapped for cash.



  • Great all-mountain and park performance.
  • Offers good floatation on deeper snow.
  • Substantial grip on hard pack and ice.
  • Absorbs chatter but still quite noticeable.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleAll-Mountain
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Available sizes153 | 156 | 157W | 159 | 161W | 165W
Board widthRegular, Mid-Wide
Board shapeDirectional Twin
Camber profileHybrid Camber
Board stanceSetback -12.5mm