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Slash Nahual 2016

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The Slash Nahual is a snowboard for riding powder and built for the more experienced riders. Its name ‘Nahual’ comes from a human being that has the power to change into an animal form, either physically or spiritually. This Slash snowboard aims at riders who prefer doing powder freestyle and riding lines, than spending the afternoon on a resort groomer. It has a pretty stiff flex that is both responsive and durable, allowing you to take some high speed turns and jumps. No matter if the snow is soft or hard, this board’s floatation is almost effortless and its response is quick. Even when you are not riding on steeper terrain. Pop through powder or glide through variable terrain, the Slash Nahual does what it needs to do. However to us it doesn’t stand out as being exceptional. It does perform well.



  • Holds well on steeper terrain with ice.
  • Carbon fiber laminate boosts durability.
  • Improved floatation on deeper snow.
  • Will take some effort to twist and edge.
  • Not really the most snappiest board.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleFreeride
Ability levelAdvanced - Expert
Available sizes153 | 157 | 161
Board widthRegular | Mid-Wide
Board shapeDirectional
Camber profileFlat to Rocker
Board stanceCentered
ManufacturerSlash Snowboards
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