Slash Straight 2016

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The Slash Straight is an all-mountain freeride snowboard that offers a very forgiving and catch free ride. Slash hasn’t changed this board much over the last seasons as it still rides stable. This board’s character is a combination of riding a big rocker board in powder and riding a small camber board on groomers. It feels solid on hard snow and surfy on powder. Turning goes pretty smooth and doesn’t take much effort. It’s also quick from edge to edge when you want to perform medium radius turns. Whether you are pointing the Slash Straight down the mountain or through a fresh field of powder, this snowboard will lead you to a glorious finish.



  • Floats effortlessly and manoeuvres well.
  • Composition of 2 unique fiber glass layers.
  • Feels light and also dampens vibrations.
  • Most impact-resistant surface available.
  • Needs to be waxed well to maintain speed.
  • We would like it to have a bit more camber.

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Board weightNormal
Riding styleFreeride
Ability levelIntermediate - Expert
Available sizes159 | 161 | 163
Board widthRegular
Board shapeDirectional
Camber profileHybrid Camber
Board stanceSetback -20mm
ManufacturerSlash Snowboards

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